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Included in HII Limited Medical, Indemnity, and Short Term (non-ACA) Major Medical insurance ​

Most of our members aren’t alone when navigating the healthcare world. We provide each member with an expert Advisor to address healthcare questions with most of our Limited Medical, Indemnity, and Short Term (non-ACA) Major Medical insurance. Insurance concierge helps our members make informed, time and money-­saving decisions on their health care.

Don't let healthcare steal your time and money, a luxury in today's world. Let your member concierge handle all handle your healthcare by adding a hands-­on approach to resolve your healthcare needs.


Each member has access to an experienced Advisor who will research up to five surgical facilities in the member’s area to get the best price, quality, physician privileges and availability for non­emergency procedures. This information reduces the cost of time spent away from work researching facilities.

Surgery Saver is a tremendous benefit for our customers savings through pricing and transparency. Surgery Saver provides an extra benefit for members as it minimizes cost while ensuring optimal pricing to ensure the lowest out of pocket cost.


Medical bills are confusing and members spend time away from work dealing with their inquiries. With our members are given a dedicated Patient Advocate who works directly with a member’s healthcare providers to help reduce their out-of-pocket medical bills.

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*The advertised prices under $50/mo is based on a study for the Department of Health and Human Services which found that 46% of people paid $50 or less for an Obamacare Plan after subsidies (Burke, Misra, and Sheingold, p.2, 2014). The full study can be found here:

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