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Hi, we're your personal online Christian Healthcare guide. 

Healthcare the Biblical way

Low Cost Christian Health Insurance
A welcome Christian Healthcare solution to traditional health insurance

Programs as low as $105/mo.

How does the Christian health care experience work?

1. Christian Health Care was created to give you:
Caring for one another

1. Health coverage that actually feels good to use              

2. Putting kindness back into customer service                  


3. PPO Memberships that are easy to use with any doctor


4. Healthcare the non-government way


5. Legally opt-out of the Obamacare penalty and save thousands 

Our care

2. Health Care made simple:
Best Doctors
  1. Preventative care and annual exams.                                                    

  2. Get access to the best doctors with real availability. Plus get unlimited Free Virtual Doctor Visits from a Smart Phone or Computer at home.                                     

  3. Stops the tax penalty as a member of a recognized Health Care Sharing Ministry and members are eligible for exemption from the tax penalty.                                         

  4. High $2,000,000 dollar lifetime limits 

3. Do I get an insurance card?
  1.  Christian Health Sharing Ministries is NOT insurance. But members get to take advantage of the same PPO Networks that the largest insurance companies use to discount services even further.  Check out an example of your members card to use at with any doctor.                                                                                                             

  2.  See is your doctor is in network Click Here

4. What else:
  1.  Ethical Health Care that works 

  2. Works just like insurance

  3. The Non-Government way to get health care

  4. PPO Networks

  5. Out of network coverage 

  6. Stops the health insurance tax penalty

  7. 1 Million Dollar Limits  

  8. Enroll 365 days per year

  9. This is not Obamacare and not health insurance

  10.  Must agree to statement of standards                   

  11. Memberships that are easy to use with any doctor

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Unlimited Free Video Doctors Visits for only $15/mo​.

Medishare Reviews

"We were spending way too much on

our family's health insurance. We found out about Christian Health plans through my Church. We're so glad we did! My family is saving over $450 per month and we now have better coverage too. Feels incredible knowing we're supporting other Believers. "

-  Ben,  Portland, OR

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