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Reinventing individual and family health benefits starts with us: Northwest Grown hardworking, fun-loving people focused on helping our customers.

How we do what we do and do it so well

We remove obstacles 

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Explain. Act.

Reasonable people do reasonable things.

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Our Journey 

Health Options Insurance Agency founders started with and led sales for some of the most innovative, industry-changing health insurance brokerage companies in the last decade — continually offering rich Employee Like Benefits and services aimed at the needs of our entrepreneur friends and family. We're consistently on the forefront of better products because we use them our selves. Tirelessly searching for and helping companies develop better products. When the company we help build was bought, visions were lost, our hands were tied to a "one product fits all" approach it just wasn't right. So, we made big moves and Health Options Insurance was born in the state of the art Leed certified building the John Ross. Located on the SW Waterfront in Portland, OR. Not backwards, but steps forward. We took what we knew and pick up where we left off at. We tuned out the naysayers and the status quo, and continued our mission to offer the best employee like benefit packages available to individuals not offered through their employers.  Now we're one of the Northwest's fastest growing agencies. 

Health Options insurance is a more efficient and valuable way for you to buy health insurance. We understand that shopping a health insurance plan can be complicated, confusing, and frustrating. We're changing that by simply providing our customers with clear, easy access prices and info to hundreds of plans through our Express Enrollment online software.  We love doing the shopping for you too. Or use us as a side guide as needed.  We're not here to sell you insurance, we're here to help you understand and bring value to your insurance . We understand your time is valuable.  No more printing and signing, fax, or snail mail. Just an easy online and over the phone enrollment.  We will give you the clear information and suggestions you need to make a clear choice for your health insurance.  Simply said, we bring the value to your health insurance.

Why we're your numberone.

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